Hey Rosetta! Talk "Bigger" New Album

Hey Rosetta! Talk 'Bigger' New Album
Since forming in 2005, St. John's folk rock collective Hey Rosetta! have been on a steady upward trajectory. Their first album, Plan Your Escape, was nominated for an East Coast Music Award for Best Album. Two years later, the follow-up, Into Your Lungs (and Around in Your Heart and on Through Your Blood), earned the group Album of the Year at the Verge Music Awards and a shortlist nomination for the Polaris Music Prize.

Hoping to capitalize on the acclaim, Hey Rosetta! are taking more time in crafting their third album, which the group have been mixing with producer Tony Dougan (Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, Wintersleep) in Scotland.

"I think it's more varied, certainly in the sound at least, from song to song," Hey Rosetta! front-man Tim Baker said of the new album in an Exclaim! interview. "I think it sounds a bit bigger in places, a bit full-fledged rock'n'roll at times. But it still has plenty of soft moments and acoustic instruments."

Baker hints that this new full-bodied sound will likely be more accessible than the group's previous work, which favoured long songs with slow buildups. "I did have singles on the mind, a little bit, as I was writing. So there's a few songs that are under five minutes that might end up being singles."

The record, which Baker says has "recurring themes about springtime," was recorded in the Sonic Temple in Halifax (the same studio where the band cut Into Your Lungs). There, Hey Rosetta! brought in numerous guests to help them flesh out their already-lush sound.

"We got some singers and some throat singers, we got some spoken word, all sorts of fun stuff," says Baker. "We got a couple different string quartets together to make a bigger, kind of orchestral sound."

The album doesn't yet have a title or a release date, but Baker confirms that the band will once again be working with the Warner-distributed Sonic Records. For fans impatient to hear new material, Hey Rosetta! recently unveiled a new EP, Red Songs. The EP compiles three previously unreleased acoustic tracks and is available digitally and on seven-inch.

Baker and his bandmates will be playing a smattering of shows throughout the summer. See the schedule below, and stay tuned for more tour dates and album details in the coming months.

Tour dates:

7/22 Fredericton, NB - Boyce Farmer's Market

7/24 Halifax, NS - The Paragon Theatre

7/25 Port Hawksbury, NS - Granville Green Concert Stage

7/25 Antigonish, NS - Evolve (outdoor show)

7/28 Woody Point NL - Woody Point Heritage Theatre

7/29 Woody Point NL - Woody Point Heritage Theatre

8/6 St. John's, NL - Bannerman Park (Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival)

8/11 Shanghai, China - Canada Pavilion (World Expo)

8/12 Shanghai, China - Canada Pavilion (World Expo)

8/13 Shanghai, China - Canada Pavilion (World Expo)