​Herpes Diagnoses Surge in California Following Coachella

Medical officials have now clarified there was no such outbreak
​Herpes Diagnoses Surge in California Following Coachella
While pop stars were lip-syncing and forgetting their own lyrics at Coachella the last couple of weekends, festivalgoers were out in the crowd getting busy — and getting herpes, apparently.
According to TMZ, the website HerpAlert saw a huge spike in the number of people seeking diagnoses and treatment during the two-weekend-long festival in areas nearby Indio, CA.

UPDATE (4/26, 4:20 p.m. EDT): Multiple medical officials, as well as HerpAlert itself, have stepped in to clarify there is actually no evidence of any sort of herpes outbreak at Coachella.
The website allows users to upload photos of their, uh, ailments, which are reviewed by medical professionals and prescriptions are then forwarded to pharmacies.
HerpAlert told TMZ that it typically receive 12 cases a day in the Southern California area, but during the first two days of Coachella alone, the website saw that number spike to 250 patients.
Over the course of two Coachella weekend, 1,105 cases have been reported in Indio, Palm Desert and Coachella Valley, as well as nearby locales like Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego (where many attendees live).
If you were there and think something might be amiss down there, head over to HerpAlert (or do it the good old-fashioned way and go see a doctor, like, now).