The Henry Millers "Simple Thing" (video)

The Henry Millers 'Simple Thing' (video)
Brooklyn-based indie pop trio the Henry Millers may have taken their name from a literary great, but their latest tune "Simple Thing" will get your nose out of any book and your feet onto the dancefloor. The upbeat, synth-heavy number has now received the visual treatment, and has got the video premiere.

The clip features a pair of vicious hipster werewolves on the hunt for their next meal. Watch as they hunt down rats in apartment hallways and raid the meat aisle of a supermarket on the prowl for food.

Unsatisfied with what they find, they change up the menu to feature something a little more human. They devour the poor guy amidst a flurry of disco lights, but it's nevertheless an entertaining watch.

"Simple Thing" appears on the band's sophomore album Posies. Get your first look at the video below.