Hellhorn Hellhorn

This band’s bio looks like it was written by a left handed crack head writing with his right hand using a leaky marker. They also sent a sheet of punk-collage poster samples as their former entity "Dr.Meathook.” All this a pretty fair description of what happens on the lo fi, scuff–marked CD-R they sent along with it. Truth in advertising. Hellhorn are five musicians trying their damnedest to get evicted from whatever four walls and a ceiling they managed to find themselves in. Full on squealing saxophones, stuttering guitars, babbling trumpets, electronic blasts (also supplying occasional groove), something that sounds like flutes if they were on Seconal and what few drums there are bash about in jazz denial. There are melodies that are reminiscent of Ornette Coleman, demented march grooves and general pandemonium that recall the extreme end of the no-wave movement of the late ’80s and early ’90s. The only difference is that these guys really are punk jazz instrumentalists. I get the feeling that they are not jazz musicians trying to be punk, but closer to the other way around. I would totally want to play bass in this band, if I had the guts. I’m not sure that I do. (Independent)