Hecker & Ost cd_slopper-SaskieWoxi

There is no way to listen to this CD passively, unless you're deaf; these tunes are a sonic assault (apparently the intent), at times I thought my speakers were going to blow. I'm referring to the latest forays in sound by Hecker and Ost, members of the data processing unit known as Farmers Manual. This is a symphony of system malfunctions, as if various computers and machines died on you after one final, defiant gasp. Perhaps a fanatical Luddite might get a perverse joy listening to SaskieWoxi. Conversely, if computers had mammal-like body functions, this would be like listening to a mechanical hiccup, belch or post-enchilada gas fit. The biological equivalent of sitting near a particularly obnoxious passenger during a bus ride home. Some parts are pleasant, I must confess, like listening to Alec Empire after he's had a triple espresso. SaskieWoxi would be most appreciated by the truly adventurous active listener. I also had much fun on the interactive iso9660 track that's loaded with tones of cool pics, java, ASCII and sounds, images and remote html image galleries. Neat art works are featured along with beautiful alphanumeric algorithmic text images (Mac and PC compatible). This CD occupies me the way Game Boy occupies an eight-year-old. (Or)