The Heavy Dream "Chasing Dreams" (video)

The Heavy Dream 'Chasing Dreams' (video)
Regular Steve Strongman drummer Dave King can often be found behind the kit — he's done so for the Autumn Defense and Ron Sexsmith in the past, as well — but he's been up front, singing and writing music himself under the name The Heavy Dream for years now. Today (January 24), he's debuting a new video for his song "Chasing Dreams," off his 2011 debut album for Indoor Shoes, Under The Golden Sun.

The video, created by Terrance Kramer, focuses on the image of one girl superimposed on a number of mirrored and kaleidoscope backdrops. Kramer plays with the visual effects even more by using overlapping and overexposed images, as well as cartoon graphics, to give the video a surreal tone.

Check out The Heavy Dream's new video below.