Heavy Chains "B-1 No Law No Crime (Super Slow FX)"

Heavy Chains 'B-1 No Law No Crime (Super Slow FX)'
Two years ago, members of White Lung and Nü Sensae teamed up as Heavy Chains and delivered their dark and grungy A Very Real Hell 12-inch. Now, the band have let loose a leftover called "B-1 No Law No Crime."

The track homes in on a cyclical chug, equal parts Brainbombs and the doomier elements of classic Celtic Frost. While the song has been played this slow and punishing in concert, bassist/vocalist Andrea Lukic's vocals are sped down significantly, which makes her howls sound like an eerie and airy whooshing through some haunted Bavarian forest-scape. You can sample the spooky results down below.

Heavy Chains plays a hometown show this Friday (February 15) at the Gates.