The Heavils Heavolution

Personally crafting a custom guitar is definitely a logical course of action in translating one’s unique notion of music and maintaining individualistic integrity. The Heavils have endeavoured to reconstruct the popular perception of everything heavy music can achieve, using their own line of guitars named Meanies. If that isn’t already cool enough, the amount of imagination infused into every song is an arresting facet to a band that manifestly has more than it’s share of talent. The music has a Motörhead feel with a healthy dose of Pantera’s metal drive, but doesn’t sound remotely similar to either band. They’ve created a style of their own with the help of metal’s hot-item producer, Devin Townsend. Their compositions borrow from the spirit of Devin’s SYL manic songwriting style mainly by ridiculing themselves within the music. The funk-metal, Mr. Bungle-spirited title track includes catchy bluesy vocal breakdowns and is only the beginning of the sonic oddities that are explored. "Space Heater,” "Chicken Soup Can” and "Laundry Day” are classic titles that hint at their low level of self-aggrandisement. The music itself is far from the ridiculous titles, being cleverly assembled and filled with subtle technicalities that are endearing because of their seemingly humble presentation. The entire disc is full of entertainment, with the exception of the creepy 18-minute closer, consisting mainly of disturbing voices; that’s where the "art” comes in. (Metal Blade)