Head Hits Concrete Head Hits Concrete

Winnipeg has easily triple the amount of amazing bands, per capita, of any genre of all of Canada, minus the unholy union of grindcore and Quebec, of course. Here's the latest in a long string of brutally good bands from the "peg," Head Hits Concrete, featuring some of the fellows that tore apart your body with Swallowing Shit. 15 songs are on this seven-inch record (and, even better, it's a 45), so needless to say, it's short, fast and aggressive grindcore. The songs are technical and intense and the lyrics are great, dealing with social and political issues, with a main focus being on Native rights. Unfortunately, the songs don't really stand out and stick with you like with Swallowing Shit, instead they are shorter and more nondescript. Still, about eight times better than most bands doing this sort of thing. Man, what goes on in Winnipeg to produce all this great art? As always, a few great song titles come forth too: "Fraud, History and Market Economics," "I Shit God" and "You Never Learned To Dream." (Sounds of Betrayal)