Hayden "Troubled Times" (video)

Hayden 'Troubled Times' (video)
Hayden is warning us of the dangers of recreational drugs and peer pressure in the new video for his Hey Love single, "Troubled Times." It's so great that you should just try it out right now. Trust us, it's good for you. And It'll make you feel cool. Watch it now.

The visuals have been plucked from a vintage PSA warning teens about "smoking reefer." In it, a track star is approached by a slick hep cat with an Amish beard, who invites him over to his place for a wild wingding full of dancing and drug use.

Will the clean-cut athlete stay the course, or succumb to what Hayden sadly describes, in-song, as these "Troubled Times." You'll have to give the video a peep to find out.

As previously reported, Hayden is about to hit the road with Chad VanGaalen. You'll find the info on their cross-country tour over here.