Hayden "Motel" (excerpt) (video)

Hayden 'Motel' (excerpt) (video)
As previously reported, much-loved Canadian songwriter Hayden has bounced to Arts & Crafts for his next LP, Us Alone. We now have a couple of pieces of good news to add. First, the album has been scheduled to drop a couple of week earlier, on February 5. Even better, you can sample a bit of new tune "Motel" in the video down below.

The teaser clip presents an earthy lock groove, and features footage of a number of instruments in action. You see some string scrapings, a kick-pedal mallet whomping on a drum skin, piano playing, and the whirr of an analogue tape machine capturing the whole thing. It's not much to go on, but the low-key folk funkiness of it all sure sounds lovely.

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