Happy Birthday Offshoot King Tuff Recording Their Sub Pop Debut

Happy Birthday Offshoot King Tuff Recording Their Sub Pop Debut
While last year, Kyle Thomas cranked out some Big Muff-heavy rawk riffs with his buddies in Happy Birthday on the Vermont act's self-titled Sub Pop debut, the singer-songwriter will be working with his other band, King Tuff, for his next release with the iconic indie label.

A blog posting from the imprint confirms that Thomas is sidestepping his Happy Birthday duties to issue a King Tuff full-length sometime early next year. Thomas himself dished a few details to The Stranger about the recording process, explaining that 16 songs were recorded over two weeks at a Detroit studio.

"I have no idea what it sounds like at this point [laughs]. It's just a matter of time now... Working on a record can be, like, the worst thing you've ever done," he said. "I went into it thinking, 'I just need to make a full-on rock album, but no matter what, I'm trying to write good pop songs, whether they're heavy or fast or whatever.' Songs that you can identify with and songs that are easy to understand but weird at the same time."

Not much is known about the release beyond that, but the band had previously released the Was Dead album on Colonel Records in 2008 and recently released a split seven-inch with Hex Dispensers. You can hear their hard-rockin' contribution, "Hands," down below.

In the meantime, the band are playing a few U.S. gigs. Check 'em if you can.

Tour dates:

8/10 Davis, CA - Davis Bike Collective
8/12 Oakland, CA - Lobot Gallery
8/13 Oakland, CA - Duke's

King Tuff - Hands by ScionAV