Hades Archer Temple of the Impure

Hades Archer Temple of the Impure
One of Chile's most savage duos has risen once more, and are out for blood. Hades Archer aim to lay waste to the human masses once more with their second LP, Temple of the Impure, a monument to the hideous blackened death metal style played by Blasphemy and Sarcofago.
Without warning, songs such as "Circus of Abominations" explode like a salvo of blast beats and shredding strings, paying no heed to the uninitiated listener. But, Hades Archer's brand of extremity feels particularly steeped in the old school Norwegian sound, as tracks like "Great Moon Tide" conjure up feelings of early Mayhem, while "Hecate Undressed" is reminiscent of Darkthrone.
Guitarist, bassist, and vocalist N-III and drummer Hateaxes Command display an uncompromising proficiency with their respective instruments, defying their two-piece constraints with undeniable prowess. Guitar passages shriek and grind, as unrelenting blast beats pummel the listener into dust.
Unfortunately, this raging hellfire soon begins to feel repetitive by the second half of the album, the songs' structural similarities drawing attention to themselves in a way that makes them feel somewhat less striking than those first initial attacks.
Temple of the Impure doesn't do anything new — but what it does, it does very well. Hades Archer know how to tread a well-walked path with a proud and predatory stride. Much of the hallmarks of blackened death and war metal are all borne proudly here, making it worth a listen for diehards of the genre. (Hells Headbangers)