Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees Members Unite as Levee Walkers

Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees Members Unite as Levee Walkers
While Duff McKagan has reunited with Slash and Axl Rose for a Guns N' Roses tour, the famous rock bassist has also linked up again with members of Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees for a new project called Levee Walkers.

The band also features Pearl Jam guitarist Mick McCready and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Strong. Previously, they had got together for a Mad Season reunion in 2015, with McKagan subbing for the late John Baker Saunders. Shortly afterwards, they formed Levee Walkers.

A band bio explains that the trio specializes in "blues, rock, and punk, reinterpreted through the filter of the Pacific Northwest." Already, they've issued two tunes, with both "Freedom Song" and "Tears for the West" streaming now through Spotify.

The tracks feature Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman, though it's added by the band that the vocalist is "just the first in a handful of select singers who will be putting words and voice to the music of the Levee Walkers." More info is forthcoming, though there are apparently a few guidelines to meet before entering the inner circle.

"To become a Levee Walker you must have at least 25 years of musical experience, survived battles with the forces of darkness, and perhaps even kissed death on the cheek," the band wrote. "More importantly, there must exist a deep reverence for the music of your comrades, and the commitment they made to this hardest of paths. If you have that kind of grit, then you can listen to music with us, walk with us, and grow with us."

You can stream Levee Walkers' first two tunes down below.