Guns N' Roses "Paradise City" (live video)

Guns N' Roses 'Paradise City' (live video)
Last year, Guns N' Roses announced that, like Metallica, they'd be entering the world of 3D film with a full-length concert film. While the release date has yet been pegged for the tentatively-titled Appetite for Democracy in 3D, which was filmed last November at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, you can sample a bit of the set via a performance of "Paradise City."

Now, mind you, you won't see the concert-closing clip in eye-bulging 3D action on your laptop, but you can get the gist of what the show was all about. Handlebar moustached vocalist/founder Axl Rose jogs around the stage in a studded leather jacket-and-jeans combo to sing the song, and is surrounded by his current lineup, a number of pole dancers, and the flash of pyrotechnics. You can check out the whistle-blowing, extended run through of the Appetite for Destruction number down below and figure out for yourself if it's worth the trip to the cinema.