Gunplay "The World Is Mine"

Gunplay 'The World Is Mine'
While we're all working out our basic New Year's resolutions, from "exercise more" to "being a better person," Gunplay has announced his plans for 2015 are a little more ambitious. The rapper also know as Don Logan has delivered plans to take over the globe in his new EDM-spiked single "The World Is Mine."

The self-proclaimed Living Legend finds himself poppin' xannies and mollies throughout the synth-driven single while talking up a ballin' above-the-law lifestyle of Benz purchases, billion dollar bidding wars, and taking over both the rap game and the rest of the world. He apparently has out-of-this-world plans for the future too, noting above the fast-clapping beat that he's going to take some "hoes" to Mars one day.

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