Gun N' Roses' Touring Illusions

Gun N' Roses' Touring Illusions
Only a few short days after word leaked that Gun N' Roses would be embarking on a two-year world tour, the band's guitar player is telling GN'R fans not to get their hopes up. Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus is now denying comments he made to a St. Louis newspaper earlier this week, where he said Axl Rose and company would be touring for "at least two years."

In a new statement, Fortus said he was "misquoted" in the article. "Okay, it seems that I am being misquoted once again," he said. "I never said that GN' R would be playing St. Louis, nor did I say that we will be doing free shows or that we are starting a two-year tour in March! Selective hearing. Never said it."

The denial follows Fortus being quoted as claiming GN' R would also be heading out on a "Love Tour," which would see the band playing free shows in cities such as Vancouver and St. Louis where riots have taken place due to Axl's bad behaviour.

With zero live action scheduled, it appears the only interaction fans will get with the band will be through message boards. Well, unless Axl is putting the kibosh on that as well.

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