BY David DacksPublished Dec 1, 2004

The second release this year from Bobby Previte and Charlie Hunter is an improvement on the first, Come In Red Dog, This is Tango Leader, released on Ropeadope this past spring. Latitude is the first of three albums destined for Thirsty Ear, each one featuring a different guest. Greg Osby steps up to the plate on this disc. Osby is no stranger to this turf, one of the players most identified with the M-base movement of the ’80s and ’90s. Latitude concentrates more on sonic ideas than on extended jams. Previte is triggering an armada of samples, and sound much more comfortable with his setup than on the previous disc. Both his ideas and technique have improved. Hunter is even sparer than before but has upped his quota of effects. Osby is the most important element though. His ability to contribute to a groove and find melodies in harsh harmonic terrain are always welcome, even when’s he’s ultra compressed and panned hard into one channel. Each different approach to the placement of his horn in the mix seems to add to Osby’s effect, truly extending his technique. "Equator” is as close as Latitude gets to a full-blown groove section — an excellent slice of trip-hop with a well integrated mix of live and electronic. This is one of Thirsty Ear’s best releases this year.
(Thirsty Ear)

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