Grimes Plans to Debut Rejected Rihanna Single at Governors Ball

Grimes Plans to Debut Rejected Rihanna Single at Governors Ball
Since signing with Roc Nation and hinting at a September release for her follow-up to the career-making Visions, Grimes has kept quiet on the prospect of new material. Now, however, she's promised that some new music is on the way.

Ahead of her upcoming appearance at New York's Governors Ball — which takes place this weekend — Grimes tweeted that she'd be sharing some new material onstage.

The artist born Claire Boucher wrote, "for those at gov ball, u should stick around for my final song because its special & top secret & new, actually im playin 3 new songs."

She added that one of those songs is actually a rejected song from Rihanna's most recent album, saying, "the last song is one me and @BLOOD_DIAMOND5 wrote for rihanna but they turned it down it so its kinda different from regular grimes."

If you happen to be attending, you should also note that the material from Visions will be reimagined slightly, with Boucher saying, "weve also re recorded and reproduced all the old visions songs too so they are much better now."

Hopefully some high-quality footage of the songs will surface once the weekend's over. Otherwise, there's a chance fans will get to hear that Grimes material when she performs at BC's Pemberton Music Festival on July 18 and Toronto's TIME Festival on July 19.