Gregory Pepper and His Problems "Breathe In" (video) / "At Least I'm Not a Musician"

Gregory Pepper and His Problems 'Breathe In' (video) / 'At Least I'm Not a Musician'
Gregory Pepper and His Problems previously announced that they would be releasing a guest-heavy new album called Escape from Crystal Skull Island, and now the Guelph, ON act has given us a taste of what we can expect from the latest disc.

The video for single "Breathe In" is a simple, poorly lit, homemade-looking affair, but what it lacks in special effects or big-budget camera trickery is made up for with Silly String and faces full of water. This is a fitting accompaniment to the exuberant, slightly twee pop tune.

Also below is the cabaret-influenced ditty "At Least I'm Not a Musician," which sounds a bit like the Unicorns with cleaner production and more horns.

Escape from Crystal Skull Island is out August 21 through Fake Four Inc.