Green & Gold "The Body Knows" on Exclaim! TV

Green & Gold 'The Body Knows' on Exclaim! TV
One could say that young Newfoundland group Green and Gold are very much a product of their (or rather, the) environment. Their 2013 full-length is riddled with references to the natural world, from the cover art right down to the lyrics of all eight tracks.

The band stopped by the Exclaim! office to perform "The Body Knows," taken from last year's full-length record of the same name.

A count-in from drummer Steve Doyle sets the gentle sway of the piece in motion, with the acoustic six-string duo supported by some muted keys. Driven forward by some impressive side-stick drum work, the group get a chance to showcase their impressive vocal harmonies, reciting lyrics of rivers within the earth, twisted branches reaching for the stars and longing "to be stone, still and quiet on the ground," taking the "roots" aesthetic of their indie folk music to new heights.

Watch their performance in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres