​Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Releases EP with New Band the Longshot

​Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Releases EP with New Band the Longshot
Fresh off releasing another greatest hits comp (and making a surprise appearance in a Drake video) with Green Day, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has released an EP with a brand new band. Under the moniker the Longshot, the new group quietly released their debut self-titled EP last night (April 11).
The three-song offering features cuts called "Taxi Driver," "Love Is for Losers" and "Chasing a Ghost," and it apparently serves as a teaser for a full-length called Love Is for Losers. There's no official release date on the LP yet, though the band's Instagram bio claims that it's "coming eventually sooner or later" — then adds, "probably sooner."
The other members of the band have yet to be revealed — and may not be for some time. An Instagram post from earlier this month teased:
I think everyone should spread as many rumors and lies about the Longshot as possible.. who the members are. You saw us in a club in Ohio. We opened for Taylor Swift. Just make stories up to the outsiders that are not on this Instagram page yet. Anything. I don't care.
The most prominent fan theory so far, though, is that Armstrong is joined by his son Joey on drums.
While we wait for further details about the project, check out their musical debut by streaming The Longshot EP below.