Green Day Reveal 21st Century Breakdown

Green Day Reveal <i>21st Century Breakdown</i>
In a brief, but concrete, announcement on their website, Green Day have titled their upcoming eighth album 21st Century Breakdown, and set a vague release date for May of this year. The site's front page also features the album's art, which depicts two youths locking lips in front of a dystopian brick wall, suggesting this album will further some of the angsty themes of 2004's career-defining American Idiot.

In a recent interview with USA Today, front-man Billie Joe Armstrong discussed the process of recording the album, saying, "We asked how much more ambitious can we be? We could take a sideways step or go back to our roots. We chose to move forward... It's about reflecting what's been happening the past three years and putting it to melody with some bold statements."

In case you're worried that your local shopping mall won't have a million copies in stock, you can pre-order the CD at a separate website, located here.

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