Green Card We're Not Your Friends EP

As Green Card, 108 crew members Raa Daddy and Nick Dynamo have collaborated on We’re Not Your Friends, a seven-track EP of sex and rap braggadocio. While Nick D’s wacky voice and offbeat raps might stand out more, Raa D’s more accessible flow will probably come across as the most appealing. Still, both come with some funny punch lines and well-written raps. But, the real highlight of this EP is the production and catchy hooks: "Fela Fluti” utilises a slick flute with some smooth, female jazz vocals on the hook; "Planet 8er” rotates around a dominant, funky bass; "Assailants” merges a funky guitar with some subtly beat-boxed drums and horns; and "Go For 8” delves heavily into beat-boxing along with a vocally funked-up hook. Congrats for the impressive, catchy production on the above tracks is due to Raa D, who produced all but two songs. It’s the best production from 108 so far. Perhaps he should have done the whole EP. Like the rest of 108, Green Card won’t be to everyone’s taste, but they might be the best introduction to this odd rap crew. (108)