Grates Gravity Won't Get You High

Alongside marsupials and Kylie Minogue in the ’80s (before she became such a sex kitten), the Grates are making a case for Australia’s reign as the cutest country on earth. With everything from their handwritten, essay-style bio and colourful DIY artwork, to their unbelievably endearing music video for "Science is Golden” and their bubbly zest found all over Gravity Won’t Get You High, it’s an undeniable trait they simply own. Thankfully though, their debut album isn’t plagued by shyness and the stuff that renders a classification of "twee.” Instead what the Grates practice is based more on a vigorous philosophy in the vein of "girls are made of sugar and spice…” and "boys are made of frogs and snails…” As a three-piece, vocalist Patience Hodgson, guitarist John Patterson and drummer Alana Skyring use a minimal set-up to exemplify this spirit, and really, they need little else. "Lies Are Much More Than Fun,” "Trampoline” and the aforementioned single all find their life from the three-way energy the band’s members radiate together. Hodgson’s overexcited voice is no one-trick pony either; she can express a range of emotions be it devastating glee in "19-20-20” or genuine anguish in "Feels Like Pain.” Akin to undersized bands like the Gossip and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but with a lot more merriment, the Grates will rock your socks off and in turn, likely knit you a new pair.

Grate name. I mean, great name. Did you choose it so puns could work in your favour? Hodgson: When we first started we were really shit and said "motherfucker” all the time. We were pretty grating. Patterson: I like that it is really good for puns, but it gives people a decision. They get to say either, "Grating on your nerves” or "They’re really Grate!” And her name’s Patience, so you can say "we don’t have patience for this.” Hodgson: "We’ve got a lot of time for this band.” That’s a more difficult one. You’ve got to be switched on to work out that one. Skyring: And now people have moved on to the album title. Patterson: Yeah, "Gravity Won’t Get You High, but the Grates will,” or "Gravity Won’t Get You High and neither will the Grates!”

Does it ever get tiresome hearing people call you "cute” and "adorable”? Patterson: It’s better than, "They’re so fucking shit.” Hodgson: No, no, it’s better than, "Oh, they’re so ugly!” Patterson: I don’t look cute when I’ve got 13 beers in me and a fucking rash all over my face. (Microindie)