Graham Haynes BPM

Graham Haynes is the famous jazz offspring furthest removed from the jazz tradition. Son of bebop drummer extraordinaire Roy Haynes, Graham has undertaken another journey to a trumpet-led, electronically sculpted space with BPM. Drum & bass essays and analogue synth tone poems firmly orient Haynes to today's vital rhythms. With this in mind, his emphasis on innovation within contemporary polyrhythms is not unlike his father's leanings from the '40s and beyond. There does seem to be another predominant influence here: Stone Cold Richard Wagner. He pops up in the writing credits in three tracks, most memorably in the opening strains of the disc, which announce themselves with glorious Teutonic fanfare before giving way to split-toned trumpet explorations and circa '95 junglism. Haynes is trying to go for a Talvin Singh approach, in terms of beat construction, and in his dedication to build an electronic future informed by jazz and classical forms. For the most part, it works. The programming is well written, though not quite in the same league as Singh and Amon Tobin's brilliance. Nevertheless, Haynes' explorations are ably supported. It is exciting to see someone who can play some very serious horn in any context seek and achieve these kinds of results. (Knitting Factory)