Gorguts' Kevin Hufnagel Preps Sophomore Effort with Vaura

Gorguts' Kevin Hufnagel Preps Sophomore Effort with Vaura
While technical death metal vets Gorguts just issued their Exclaim!-approved Colored Sands LP, guitarist Kevin Hufnagel also has an album on the way from his sinisterly shoegazing Vaura project. The band deliver their sophomore LP Missing on October 29 via Profound Lore.

Recorded with Colin Martson at his Thousand Caves studio in Queens, NY, Missing follows last year's Selenelion, and a press releases notes that the upcoming LP pushes the band "into more defined and dense territory" via a blend of progressive metal, goth, post punk, '90s indie rock and shoegaze. Additionally, the song cycle is said to conjure the sounds of "classic-era" Queensryche and Rush, circa Grace Under Pressure.

You can hear for yourself how all those influences converge by sampling the set's "Incomplete Burning" in the player down below.

The Missing:

1. The Missing

2. Incomplete Burning

3. The Fire

4. Mare Of The Snake

5. Pleasure Blind

6. Passage To Vice

7. The Things That We All Hide

8. Braced For Collapse

9. Abeyance

10. Putting Flesh To Bone