Gordon Lightfoot Is at Work on a New Album

It marks his first new full-length in 15 years
Gordon Lightfoot Is at Work on a New Album
While Gordon Lightfoot is set to collect his singles for a new retrospective release next month, the Canadian songwriting legend has revealed he is at work on a new album.

Lightfoot shared the news in conversation with Billboard, saying that the yet-to-be titled LP is "kind of philosophical and it's kind of funny. It's got a great beat and my arrangements are real good too." 

He added: "It's more of an optimistic point of view really. It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be an album where negativity is at the minimum and positivity prevails. I'm just trying to relate to your personal experience. You can find it on the ups and the downs and the roller coaster ride through life. And you relate it to your songs. This time I'm just going positive."

News of the album comes 15 years after Lightfoot's 2004 LP Harmony, an album the songwriter said he never properly finished due to a near-fatal ruptured artery.

"Harmony was done by using just guitar and vocal tracks as a basic track. And it was stuff that I recorded a year before I became ill," he explained. "So we looked way back in the file and we found a number of tunes I had recorded just using guitar and vocal. And the guys then overdubbed all their parts on the very last album. I wasn't actually able to complete that album in a professional way. The songs were good, but the production was not up to radio standard."

When asked about a release date for the upcoming album, Lightfoot offered, "It's gonna take a year. It's there, but it will happen for sure because I already have the material."

Lightfoot will play throughout America and the province of Ontario in March, April and May as part of his "80 Years Strong Tour." You can find an itinerary here.