Gone Hollywood The Great White EP

No, we’re not talking about Supertramp’s song from Breakfast In America, rather more aptly Gone Hollywood of Toronto, ON. The Great White EP is a well put together album of hardcore slams, rock riffage and, just like any good hardcore album, lots of breakdowns. This band’s ability to rip on all their instruments is demonstrated best on "Musketeer,” which starts with a rock’n’roll guitar line that gets interrupted by a Comeback Kid-style chant then progresses into a feverish pace from the entire band. The Great White EP showcases Gone Hollywood’s distinct and focused hardcore sound of muted, chugging guitars, high-end tweaks and abrasive vocals from singer George Bonkowsky. Lyrically, however, it lacks anything thought provoking or at all worth reading. Even so, this is a visceral EP that keeps its rhythm driving throughout, managing to keep fans wanting more. (Independent)