Goldrush The Heart is the Place

Upon first glance everything about this album screams warmth. The band’s moniker makes one think of either a shiny substance or a more contemplative Neil Young and the album title has a tinge of nostalgia and wistfulness. And, indeed, the music found within has an easygoing warmth and accessibility that make this effort enjoyable and confident but not entirely meaningful. The title track’s staccato drums and accompanying trumpets make for energetic backing music and fit perfectly with the alt-country-esque lead vocals. Actually, there’s hardly a track on this album that doesn’t have a great sense of composition, as the tracks hit all the emotional high points with the perfect amount of emphasis. It’s a tad manipulative, meaning that you have to dig to get at the heart of the music, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Take "Can’t Give Up the Ghost,” which is a beautiful and contemplative track. Over a slight, repeating loop, the keyboards add a little class while the lead vocals pine ever so slightly to connect with the listener. Those with a soft spot for British emotional rock like Coldplay or Keane will find much to love in these simple, lovely anthems. (Better Looking)