Goldfrapp / Various We Are Glitter

Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory have always made music that’s been on the pretty side of the remix. What with Black Cherry and Supernature geared towards the sweaty dance floor of a hipster-ravaged club or even more fitting, the stage of a high-class strip joint, a remix album has always been logical. A North American-only release, We Are Glitter takes this idea and runs with it for a surprisingly gratifying album. Normally these full-length efforts are rammed with the same song treated five different ways, but Goldfrapp and Gregory have outsourced a good number of Supernature cuts to the right people to ensure an "album” can be made out of these reworks. While a couple of tracks are repeated — "Satin Chic,” "Number 1” and "Ride a White Horse” — they’re treated so disparately that it’s hard to even notice. For instance, the Shortwave Set’s psychedelic boom transforms "Satin Chic” into something entirely of their own, making the Flaming Lips’ wacky "Mystic mix” feel like a distant and welcome refrain. The best of the pack, though, come in Ewan Pearson’s bubbling, outer space disco rendition of "Ride a White Horse,” and the DFA’s epic 13-minute beat confection, powered by a mighty cowbell and a will to keep the party alive. And if wonders never cease, Carl Craig blatantly turns "Fly Me Away” into Donna Summer’s "I Feel Love,” with enough arpeggiating synth for Giorgio Moroder to receive royalties from. Though their not all winners — a rather predictable job by T. Raumschmiere disappoints, and the double appearance of Icelandic downers Mùm is unnecessary — We Are Glitter is a nice example of transformation and a nice afterthought for a great initial album. (Mute)