Head First

BY Sofi PapamarkoPublished Mar 22, 2010

Head First is aptly named, in that it's a sort of rebirth for the English duo. Their last release, Seventh Tree, was a subdued acoustic offering heavy with heartbreak and regret. But the '80s-inspired opening track of Head First sends that pervasive misery far away right quick: "I've got a rocket/you're going on it/you're never coming back." Whether "Rocket" refers to a former lover or cumulative past hurts isn't clear, but either interpretation is fairly appropriate regarding new beginnings (and = Alison Goldfrapp's recently revealed proclivity towards the fairer sex). The lyrics of "Alive" confirm that the songwriter's in a better place than she's been in a while: "the sun resets your mind/feel the weight of it all just drift/off on a cloud to another time." Every track is a melodic jolt of energy and with the help of remix DJs, Head First is going to have more legs than La Goldfrapp herself. If early Madonna, Donna Summer, Laura Branigan, Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys all did body shots off of Kylie Minogue, this would be the Bacchanalian soundtrack. Head First is a joyful celebration of retro synths, new awakenings and hot, hot disco sex. Dive in.

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