Gold Lake "Arles" on Exclaim! TV

Gold Lake 'Arles' on Exclaim! TV
Meeting in a Madrilenian nightclub and bonding over a love of West Coast canyon country, Gold Lake promptly formed and relocated to New York. Having signed to Canadian imprint Outside Music, the trio has readied their debut record for release early next month. Three years in the making, the disc reportedly concerns itself with the tragedies and joys of life.

We invited vocalist Lua Rios and guitarist Carlos Del Amo to the Exclaim! office where they performed their track "Arles," the leading single from their upcoming effort, Years.

Playing along to a rhythm section backing track, guitarist Del Amo delicately tremolo picks an intro for vocalist Rio to sing over. With her voice smoothly gliding over the instrumentation, Del Amo moves to the lower register of his six-string for a steady, spacious riff. He even takes a step out to handle some lead work in the song's back half, leading Amo's vocals gently to the finish.

Watch the duo's performance in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres