Gloominous Doom

The Feature

BY Ronak GhorbaniPublished Jun 14, 2010

On their newest release, Pennsylvania thrash metal band the Gloominous Doom offer up 15 tracks with shredding guitar, raucous vocals and a few hints of ska. Unlike other ska metal bands, such as the Flaming Tsunamis, the Gloominous Doom's ska influence lacks horns and relies mostly on up-stroke guitar, reverb effects and a few wah-wahs. Opening track "Portal Potty" leads with a ska-like riff only to morph into heavy-driven distortion as vocalist Jeff Kruppenbach starts growling about human bowel movements and different kinds of portable toilets. Although, at times, the Gloominous Doom come off as a novelty band (especially on tracks such as "Urine Trouble"), it's their humorous approach to lyrics that makes them lovable. But the band's mature side comes through in their well-developed musicianship ― sure, they like to sing about faeces, but when it comes to their song structure, they know how to shred. Top tracks include "Deuces Wild" and "Old Bay, Old Gray," which has a Halloween-spooky feel.

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