Glamour Puss Wire & Wood

Blues fans will have mixed reactions to Glamour Puss's new album. New Brunswick-based GP offers the kind of rock solid sound many blues lovers pine for with fat tenor sax licks, barroom piano, funky B3 and cleverly almost-clean electric guitar tone. GP are a tight quintet who know their blues, but if they want to be remembered past their life span as a band they need to break outside tried and true blues idioms. Forays into zydeco ("Maman Don't Play no Zydeco"), R&B ("I Don't Know How to Win Your Love") and the French songs are a good start, and more of this direction on the next album will help. But songs like the title track are the trademark of the lazy blues composer — it really does sound like 90 percent of the blues already out there: something that is stopping the blues audience from expanding past the die-hard fans. (Northern Blues)