Girl Nobody The Future Isn't What It Used To Be

Slap The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be in your car stereo and prepare to feel like your life has taken on some kind of cinematic meaning. Girl Nobody’s "My Best,” which kicks off their debut full-length, straddles the line between that song you hear in a car commercial and the one you hear in the opening credits of a teen romantic comedy. In either case, the band’s music combined with the enigmatic vocals of Marta Jaciubek manages that rare feat of conjuring visual images for the unsuspecting listener. Indeed, by the second song, "Aliens,” it’s as if a chase scene has begun and you’d better keep an eye on the old speedometer before you get swept away in your own action sequence. The Vancouver band has won over fans across the continent with its renowned live show and, based on the blend of soaring electro-pop-rock and dance rhythms found on this debut, it’s obvious why Girl Nobody may have already spawned a cult following. The trump card is Jacuibek, whose moody, sultry voice evokes comparisons to such trip-hop artists as Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, Tricky collaborator Martine, and Esthero. But the music of Girl Nobody is equally compelling and one assumes their days as an under-the-radar, independent band are numbered. (Independent)