Gilles Peterson/Various Desert Island Mix

After the mass demand for it, Coldcut's legendary 70 Minutes of Madness was re-released by Journeys By DJ earlier this year, and the next candidate to shut everyone up is Gilles Peterson's turn for the label. The founder of the Talkin' Loud label created this warm audio excursion in 1997, but like the Coldcut effort, this mix was ahead of its time and still holds true to this day. In a world where there's a new genre every month, this is always a welcomed feat. No staleness is to be found five years later, as Peterson weaves through old jazz numbers like Letta Mbulu's stunning "What's Wrong with Groovin'" to a drum & bass attack, courtesy of Breakbeat Era and Roni Size. Though the mixing isn't as fast and furious as the Coldcut masterpiece, or as impressive, Peterson still paints a cinematic soundscape that lets you slip into a musical state of unconsciousness. One of the more impressive moments of the record is the beautiful meld from Ballistic Brothers to Buscemi, capped off with Jazzanova's classic "Fedime's Flight." The bridge isn't always crossed smoothly in Desert Island Mix though, especially as Peterson tends to jump from one flow to another with no warning, but for the most part, things are smooth sailing on this strong gathering. (Journeys By DJ)