Ghostkeeper Return with 'Horse Chief! War Thief!,' Share New Single

Ghostkeeper Return with 'Horse Chief! War Thief!,' Share New Single
Ghostkeeper's two previous albums have taken a quirky and inventive approach to roots music, and the Alberta band looks to be doing more of the same with their third album. Horse Chief! War Thief! is due out on March 19 through Saved by Vinyl.

These 11 songs were recorded on analogue equipment at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, NS. The results reportedly draw on rock'n'roll, noise, drone, metal and psychedelia, while the blend of accessible catchiness and sonic adventurousness recalls the band's past work.

According to a press release, "Horse Chief! War Thief! is very much an album, less a collection of singles. The vast aural textures and atmospheric synths create a sculptural world inhabited by elemental rock songs and strange tales."

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear the quirkily riff-filled, skittish pop tune "Luella." The album cover is above.

Horse Chief! War Thief!:

1. Horse Chief! War Thief!
2. The Indians
3. Walking a Hundred
4. Luella
5. Turn Up the Heat
6. Golden
7. ...And Our Hurtful Games Shall Come To a Truce
8. Gospel Slinger
9. The Children
10. Six
11. Till the Days That We Are Old