Ghostkeeper "By Morning"

Ghostkeeper 'By Morning'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Based on the raw, infectious quality of "By Morning," the eponymous sophomore effort by Calgary's Ghostkeeper promises to stand out amongst a busy field of new releases in 2010. Led by Shane Ghostkeeper, the band have honed a unique sound, born of his Northern Alberta M├ętis roots and a keen love of old folk and rock traditions, as filtered through proponents of lo-fi indie rock.

A hopeful, blustery kind of blues, "By Morning" is just a cool head-turner - its snaky, almost cartoonish guitar lines and utilitarian drums perfectly complementing sly, charming vocals. Yup, with "By Morning," Ghostkeeper simply get it right, crafting an alluringly dynamic pop song that never leaves you. Look for their new album, out on Flemish Eye, on March 9th.

Listen to Ghostkeeper's "By Morning" here.