Ghost Frontman Sued by Former Members

The lawsuit alleges that Papa Emeritus cheated the group out of their share of touring and record sales profits
Ghost Frontman Sued by Former Members
Photo: Dana Zuk
The vocalist of costumed Swedish metal outfit Ghost is being sued by four of his former band members for allegedly cheating them out of their shares of touring and album sales revenue.

According to Swedish site [via Blabbermouth], the lawsuit claims frontman Tobias Forge, best known as Papa Emeritus, had been collecting revenue from sales of merchandise and albums through a company of his own. The lawsuit claims the frontman had not provided other band members with financial statements at any point while claiming the company was not profitable.

The lawsuit reveals that the four members did not receive any compensation in 2012, with Forge paying amounts to other members while claiming the company's bank accounts were empty. Last year, the band members rejected two contract proposals from Forge that they described as "slave agreements."

The four members state that Forge controlled the group's business operations without consulting any of them. The lawsuit also claims that an agreement existed to put Forge in charge of said duties.

The lawsuit asks the court to order Forge to reveal both revenues and expenses from 2011 to 2016. If Forge fails to do so, the lawsuit asks the court to order the vocalist to pay a penalty of 200,000 SEK (approximately $30,000 CAD), or an amount it considers reasonable.

Forge told that he "can't comment on it because it is a legal process. The lawsuit will be answered fairly soon by my legal counsel."