Get Up Kids Recording New Material

Get Up Kids Recording New Material
First, we reported that Kansas City emo pop originators the Get Up Kids got back together, then, in some late-breaking news, we spread the word that they had apologized for helping create emo. And now this: the band have revealed they are recording a bunch of new songs.

In an interview with the Phoenix New Times [via Punknews], vocalist/guitarist Matt Pryor said that the songs are being mixed right now and the band are not going to do the usual record release tour cycle, given they have so much else going on in their lives.

"There's new material. We've written and recorded nine songs, and they are being mixed right now," Pryor told the New Times. "We're gonna [do] more fun stuff, like good vinyl and limited edition releases. Cool shit, not just 'here's the new CD.' Everyone has so much going on, it really works better for us that way."

There's no more info out there just yet but we'll keep you posted when there is.

In other Get Up Kids news, in that same interview Prior refers to the remastered version of the band's classic Four Minute Mile disc as "polishing a turd." Just thought we'd bring that to your attention.

The Get Up Kids broke up in 2005 and reunited last year to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their Something to Write Home About disc. As previously reported, the band play Toronto on October 25.