Get Reviews of 'Pain & Gain,' 'The Big Wedding,' 'The Company You Keep' and More in This Week's Film Roundup

Get Reviews of 'Pain & Gain,' 'The Big Wedding,' 'The Company You Keep' and More in This Week's Film Roundup
It's a big weekend for new movies and big-name actors. We've picked out a few review of the films you've probably had on your mind, but if that's not enough, head over to our Recently Reviewed section to get reviews of more new releases.

First up this week is Michael Bay's Pain & Gain (pictured), the story of meatheads Daniel, Adrian, and Paul (Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie, and Dwayne Johnson, respectively) who jump into a kidnapping and extortion scheme. Here, we get all the ingredients of a Michael Bay movie with cars, bikini models, and swooping camera shots, but does Pain & Gain live up to its "wildly funny" description, or is it just another Michael Bay movie?

You may have been feeling a little skeptical about The Big Wedding, Justin Zackham's contribution to the increasingly popular trend of Hollywood comedies brimming with noteworthy actors. This one focuses on, you guessed it, a wedding, and includes a packed cast with Roberto De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Amanda Seyfried and Katherine Heigl, to name a few. The question you should be asking yourself is whether, unlike so many of its predecessors, The Big Wedding is actually worth investing a full two hours in.

Robert Redford's The Company You Keep tells the story of the hunt for members of the '70s protest group the Weather Underground after Ben Shepard (Shia LaBeouf), a journalist, outs Jim Grant (Redford), another Weather Underground member. The film has the potential to offer up a thought-provoking look at the goals of a violent protest group, but whether it does or not is for us to know and for you to find out by reading our review.

Juan Solanas' Upside Down uses a sci-fi environment as the backdrop to a love story and a capitalist critique. Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) are divided socially and geographically, each existing in a different gravitational pull, and physically knowing they will burst into flames if they spend too much time in each other's environments. Fate is stacked against them and yet, even after Eden is made to forget about him, Adam fights to find a way into her world.

Last up is The Colony by Jeff Renfroe. This film tells the story of a post-apocalyptic outing in a glacial age, in the style of an action thriller. The film draws on a number borrowed ideas from other films, including The Road, The Thing, The Divide and Pandorum.

Of course, these aren't all of the new releases that are out this week. Head over to our Recently Reviewed section to get a full listing.