Get the Latest from Homeshake, Chief Keef and Willa in Our Music/Video Roundup

Get the Latest from Homeshake, Chief Keef and Willa in Our Music/Video Roundup
Prepare yourselves: Our weekly Music/Video Roundup has returned, packed with the most talked-about album streams, music videos, singles, remixes and more. Stay in the know about what your favourite artists are up to lately by checking out the top picks below. Then, stop by our Music/Video section for more new music and videos every day.

First up this week is a stream of In the Shower, the new album from Homeshake. Full of "smooth, cool, and relaxed" tracks, the latest solo full-length from Peter Sagar sees him draw from an eclectic mix of influences. Take a listen to the entire effort before it arrives October 7 through Sinderlyn Records.

It's still uncertain when Chief Keef will release his Bang 3 mixtape, but he has been keeping busy by releasing a number of freebie tracks in the meantime. This past week, the Chicago rapper showcased his heavily AutoTuned, gravelly vocals on "In It," as well as his beat-making skills on the self-produced "Dear." On top of that, there was "Faneto Prod," "Wheres Waldo" and "Wayne."

Rising Vancouver-based electro-pop artist Willa has unveiled her debut single, "Stay the Night." With its pounding drum machine and dark-sounding synths, the track finds the artist receiving a helping hand from fellow pop-rock figure Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother. Meanwhile, Atlanta metallers Mastodon have set out to prove that twerking isn't just for pop music in their latest video for "The Motherload." Starting much like any other metal video, it isn't long before some well-endowed dancers make an appearance.

Finally, Napalmpom have released a humorous music video of their own to accompany their track "Guided By Volume." The visuals feature spliced-together live footage of Mumford and Sons synced to the Calgary group's rocking music. If you've ever wondered what Marcus Mumford and company would sound like if they ditched the banjos for some screaming six-strings, the video may help bring such a fantastical thought to life.

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