Get into the Spirit with Julian Casablancas, A Peanuts Christmas and More in Click Hear

Get into the Spirit with Julian Casablancas, <i>A Peanuts Christmas</i> and More in Click Hear
As we do every week, we here at Exclaim! have picked a bunch of songs we think you should hear and stuck them in the Exclaim! Click Hear section. This will be the last round-up of songs before we head off on holiday, so why not take this time to stroll back through the archives and find some awesome tracks you might have missed?

Our tracks of the day this time around begin with Julian Casablancas' cover of SNL's "I Wish It Was Christmas Today," which is not only surprisingly earnest but thoroughly awesome as well. And although our next offering isn't just a song, we're also digging A Peanuts Christmas: The 2009 Zunior Holiday Album, a tribute comp that features covers of the entire original soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi.

This week, we also enjoyed repeated listens of Queen Omega's "Footsteps," a soulful track from the forthcoming non-Jamaican-reggae compilation Joyful Noise, and the long-sampled 1973 R&B favourite "Misdemeanor" by the CB's, which is remixed this time around by Liverpool DJs No Fakin. We also suggest a track from Toronto MC Eternia, whose "Foul Child" from her Get Caught Up mixtape provides reason to get excited about her upcoming full-length At Last.