Geronimo / Catlow / Shukov The Lamplighter, Vancouver BC July 5

With the lantern-lit street lights leading the way through one of the more run-down parts of town, you emerge at the cusp of tourist-ville Vancouver and hooker central, right where the venue is located. Even though they were the opening band of the night, there was plenty of support for locals Shukov, and the crowd really seemed to warm up to them and their sound as they swayed and swooned along with their instrumentally driven, laidback indie rock sound. Next up were Catlow (fronted by Dirtmitts lead singer Natasha Thirsk), who didn’t seem to be able to retain the attention span of the show-goers quite as well when sandwiched between two very distinct acts. They persevered as the crowd took smoke breaks, played one-dollar pool and drank beer. The headliners of the night were Regina’s Geronimo (half of whom formerly of Despistado), who emphatically and confidently took to the stage with an energy that shook the corner pub as they staggered, jumped, and tiptoed from song to song. Their catchy, chorus-like singing was skilfully layered over flickering and clearly defined guitars that reflected and glinted even in the dim neon lighting of the Lamplighter. Harding’s voice easily cut above the typical bar din, adding a lightning bolt effect to the music that added a midweek spark to the crowd’s lives. Rising from the ashes of the death of a former band, Geronimo have shown that like their namesake, they don’t go down easily.