Germs Biopic Set For August Release

Germs Biopic Set For August Release
With a new distribution deal under its belt, the Germs biopic What We Do Is Secret is finally set to hit U.S. theatres this August. Co-written and directed by Rodger Grossman, the film follows the life of late Germs singer Darby Crash and delves into the birth punk rock in Hollywood and the rise of hardcore that followed.

Crash, who died of a heroin overdose at age 22 in 1980, is played by actor Shane West (ER, A Walk to Remember). West, along with the other actors portraying the ’70s punk outfit, was taught to play the band’s songs for the film by original Germs guitarist and the film’s music producer Pat Smear, who in his career also moonlighted in Nirvana.

"[West] got so close to being Darby that it actually freaked out a lot of the scenesters that came by the set," Grossman told Billboard in 2005. "He committed to doing this role in a way that I've never seen an actor commit to do anything. He read all the books that Darby read. He got blue contacts and prosthetic teeth permanently affixed to his, which had to be 'chipped out' so his teeth were more like Darby's." (Perhaps this explains why recently West toured as the lead singer of the Germs with the band’s surviving members.)

There is no word yet on when What We Do Is Secret could be playing Canadian theatres, but keep an eye on the film’s MySpace page where new screening dates are being posted regularly.

And if you are wondering if this movie is going to suck ass, according to the filmmakers, "Maybe. It depends whose ass.”

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