Genre Peak Ends of the Earth

Martin Birke, Daniel Panasenko and Stephen Sullivan are Genre Peak, whose newly released album, Ends of the Earth, brings out a darkly textured, guitar-synth run of tunes. Seemingly inspired by new wave bands of the ’80s, but with a darker captivation, Ends of the Earth’s songs are engaging but blend together too much to show distinction, not always hitting the emotional heights the band could be capable of. Still, moments of originality and beauty are present; the moody vocals and minimalist bass are reminiscent of King Cobb Steelie minus the earthy political message. Genre Peak’s compositions use guitar-synths with electronic and sampled percussion, Chapman Stick and an electric upright bass. Textures are rich in originality through some songs but they miss the mark on others. Still, when Genre Peak get it, they get it right on, and for this the album is worthy. More experimentation and variety would go over well on their next release, however. (In-code)