Gear Up for Your Weekend Moviegoing with Reviews of The Road, New York, I Love You, Old Dogs and More in Exclaim!'s Film Round-Up

Gear Up for Your Weekend Moviegoing with Reviews of <i>The Road</i>, <i>New York, I Love You</i>, <i>Old Dogs</i> and More in Exclaim!'s Film Round-Up
It's the last Friday of November, so if you want to hit the theatres this season without having to watch some B-grade actor deal with his in-laws in an alleged comedy, you'd better do it quick. In that spirit, Exclaim! has gone ahead and reviewed this week's films to ensure you don't hit a dud, and we've stuck them all in our Recently Reviewed motion section for your convenience.

First up, there is the latest take on a Cormac McCarthy novel, the much-anticipated The Road, which finds Viggo Mortensen struggling to survive in the fallout of nuclear war. The Paris, je t'aime-inspired New York, I Love You is also in theatres now, and attempts to tell the story of a city in vignettes done by various directors.

The James McTeigue-directed blood bath Ninja Assassin is out, while the Robin Williams and John Travolta give us their Old Dogs, a film where Travolta struggles to raise his divorcee-raised children. Of course, kooky hijinks ensue.

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