The Gay The Gay

From Vancouver comes new signee to Mint, the Gay. This four-gal, one-guy quintet (who've toured with the New Pornographers) edges on semi-"super-group" status, with members doing double duty in various other Canadian acts like the Tennessee Twin, Bif Naked, Maow, Superconductor and Vancouver Nights. Here, bassist Coco Culbertson has led them to a melding of Fleetwood Mac classic vocal rock meets Sleater-Kinney influenced trade-off leads with their overall approach. It's simply a clean, crisp, tight set of rock'n'roll tunes with a slight production emphasis on rhythm (Keith Parry's drumming is frenetic and skilled). And an accordion for good measure, of course! This three-song niblet is nearly over as soon as it starts, yet if it's an accurate representation of their past accomplishments and a glimpse of their potential, then expect to hear more from this unpretentious five-some. (Mint)