Gavin Castleton Hospital Hymns EP

The latest from prolific producer and composer Gavin Castleton is a five-track, 15-minute concept EP that chronicles the quirky spirituality of a hospital worker. Opener "Maternity Ward in G Major” kicks off to the high-pitched hum of a Star Trek communicator. "Women’s Care in E Flat Major” isn’t just this year’s answer to Jamie Liddell’s neo-soul hit, "Multiply,” check out these lyrics: "When I took the elevator down/It was all by myself/So I sang an Usher song/But I got the words all wrong/But I always say when you’re alone you can make up the words yourself.” The problem with Castleton, ironically, is his virtuosic background. "E.R. In E Flat Major” fumbles around elegantly on complicated-sounding piano chords with a pretentious air of rose-smelling improvisational excretions. It’s one thing to show what you’ve got, another to continue on where you’ve not. Un-ironically, "Rehab” sounds a lot like out-patient Conor Oberst. (Five One Inc)